Quality Assurance Unit

The Quality assurance concept started to be embedded at the faculty in the year 2008 by the assignment of the QA coordinator who is the one of the staff members of the faculty and expert in QA system. The university adapted the QA system formally at the year 2009-2010 and started to implement this system at the faculties directly at QAU the same year. The system was applied at faculty of pharmacy at 2009-2010. The assignment of QAU director and members of QAU were performed. Since this time, the QA system at the faculty is developing growing, and extending to depend the QA culture at all faculty levels. This was positively reflected during the visit of the CCAPP to the faculty and the QAU prior to the international accreditation.


Excellence in adopting new strategies and policies for the development and enhancement in the field of quality assurance.


The QAU is committed to continuously improve the quality of performance in the Faculty, to reach the international standards required to ensure accreditation in pharmacy education.

Members of the Unit

  • Prof. Maha Aboul-Ela, Director
  • Dr. Lama Toufic Soubra
  • Dr. Khaled Abed Galil
  • Pharmacist Hanadi Jazi (Faculty Registrar)