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The Office supports the mobility of incoming and outgoing students and staff to persuade learning and research experiences overseas and the exchange of different cultural traditions.

  • Shirine Khalil
  • ·
  • 2023-2024

Exchange Programme to Sapienza University of Rome

As a postgraduate student, I have joined the Erasmus+ programme as an exchange student to work on my research thesis…
The research targets how to ensure delivering an effective architectural education to the students of first year mainly despite the unstable situation my country Lebanon is passing through…

  • Omar Jamaleddine
  • ·
  • 2022-2023

Exchange Programme to Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

One of the perks of being under the umbrella of Erasmus+ is the help you receive in finding accommodation, a social group of likewise foreigners, an organized hospital schedule along with a small introduction to the Lithuanian culture and language beforehand...

  • Kassandra Yaghi
  • ·
  • 2021-2022

Traineeship to University of Pavia in Italy

From a personal point of view, I am very grateful for this experience... This experience helped me discover and learn more about myself, professionally and personally. It was one-of-a-kind of experience and if I had the chance to do it again, I would definitely go for it.

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The University is participating in many international projects, in order to improve the University’s educational system and to be in line with the new international trends in higher education..
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