BAU offers a range of different scholarships for graduate students, each year, to help in covering their tuition fees and they are as follow:

Scholarships for Master Degree

Two Master’s degree scholarships are annually offered to BAU students who receive the highest CGPA with a minimum of 3.33 in each field of study in the undergraduate level. The scholarship is in the form of a 50% reduction on the program tuition fees provided that they maintain the same CGPA each year.

Scholarships based on CGPA %

BAU provides direct financial support to students, in the form of tuition fees reduction, according to their CGPA. Students registered in any of the Faculty of Human Sciences Programs (except Mass Communication), in the Faculty of Law & Political Sciences programs and in the Faculty of Architecture Design and Built Environment, MArch program, can benefit from this Scholarship.

CGPA 2.33 2.67 ≥ 3.00
Scholarship % 20% 25% 30%

Scholarships for Distinguished Master & PhD students

The University may also offer scholarships for distinguished students.

BAU also provides opportunities for its graduates to acquire international scholarships.