Mobile Dental Clinic

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Mobile Dental Clinic


The Mobile Dental Clinic is a well-equipped two-chair dental clinic prepared by the Faculty of Dentistry to travel across the country to provide greater physical access to dental care and oral health awareness for vulnerable population in poor urban and rural remote communities experiencing economic hardship.
This is the first mobile dental clinic in Lebanon certified by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health. The Mobile clinic is composed of the following features that allow dentists to provide quality patient care.


Besides the emergency treatment, Mobile Clinic offers services like screening of the population with different age groups for various oral diseases, promoting oral health, and preventive measures were performed by residents and specialized professional staff members of the Faculty of Dentistry.
After the Beirut port explosion, the fully equipped mobile clinic moved into the affected areas and offered dental clinical services at no cost to the patients. These services included preventive and therapeutic measures aiming to relief pain and eliminate infections. Moreover, in cases of life-threatening conditions or conditions that require immediate attention and further permanent treatment, the cases were referred to the dental clinics within the Faculty of Dentistry at Beirut Arab University.
The services of the mobile dental clinic are offered to the public and these services are free of charge. Activity of the mobile clinic includes visits to schools such as the Hariri High School II, École Saint Charles, Makassed khaled Bin Al Walid among others. Activities also include organizing health awareness campaigns in Debbieh, Tripoli and other cities and collaborating with social and charitable foundations like Dr. Mohamad Khaled Social Foundations and providing support after the Beirut port explosion.