Registration Requirements

In order to register in any Graduate program, the following steps should be considered:

  • If your application was accepted, yet some of your documents were copies, then you have to provide the original ones so you can register your courses.
  • Provide an evidence of your National Social Security fund (NSSF) or apply to it through BAU Graduate Studies office. (Only for Lebanese applicants under age of 30). For more information, you can contact the Graduate Studies office.
  • Check with your Faculty Registrar to know the name of the academic advisor that has been assigned for you. Meet him in order for him to counsel you and assist you in the selection of courses.
  • Complete your registration form and have it signed by the advisor, then submit it to the Graduate Studies office to finalize your registration.
    • You may add and/or drop any course before the end of the first week of both semesters.
    • You can withdraw from any course before the end of the semester and a grade of “W”, for that course, will appear on the transcript but will not be counted in the CGPA.
  • You should then settle your tuition fees. Pay the first instalment of your fees before the deadline; otherwise, you will be charged late payment fees. Payment dates are available on Graduate Studies Academic calendar..
  • Obtain your ID card for academic purposes from IT department. This ID will be used to attain access BAU 4 campuses, exams, Libraries, classes, etc…..

For any additional information about registration, contact the Graduate Studies office or send an email to