Facilities & Services

The Faculty of pharmacy is located in the Hariri building of BAU Beirut campus. Facilities housed within the faculty of pharmacy are intended for teaching, research and providing services. Provided services are of wide range, such as consultations, evaluations, drug analysis and continuing education. These services are available to researchers and pharmacists working at university, as well as at other organizations. BAU provides a wireless internet access in the main buildings and the playground of Beirut campus, so that students having their laptops and smart phones can get connected to the internet while they are on-campus.


Faculty classroom spaces are ideal for making impactful, visually rich presentations and facilitating engaging discussions with students. They are equipped with latest technology.

The Faculty offers teaching laboratories facilities which are highly equipped with the latest instrumentation and support units. These include the pharmacology lab, the chemistry lab, the microbiology lab, the pharmacognosy lab, the medicinal chemistry lab, the pharmaceutical compounding lab, the industrial pharmacy lab, the dry lab and the pharmacy practice lab.

In the pharmacology lab, the chemistry lab, the microbiology lab, biochemistry lab and the medicinal chemistry lab, the students are engaged with the practical approaches and the basic applied skills for better understanding of the subjects studied.

The pharmaceutical compounding lab allows students to learn the latest techniques for compounding drug preparations that can be customized for individual patient needs. It features stations for each student to prepare oral, topical, and other drug preparations.

The industrial pharmacy lab has rooms for tableting, coating, emulsification and quality control equipment that provides students with an understanding of the processes used by manufacturers to prepare and test the quality of dosage forms on a large scale.

The pharmacy practice lab is a multipurpose laboratory facility, with videotaping and presentation technology throughout. It features a pharmacy with four workstations and a classroom area. Pharmacy students learn, patient care provision, drug dispensing, drug information and patient counseling techniques. Prominent display cabinets house contemporary drug product inventory. The Lab is also used to teach professional communication skills patient interviewing and counseling, prescription processing and the proper techniques for administration of medication.

The Computer Laboratory, located inside the faculty, provides a venue for the pharmacy students to master professional, technological, and research skills by providing access to the internet and to a wide range of softwares, several simulation programs as well as databases in addition to specific course related softwares as requested.

Research laboratories are located in 1st floor of the faculty. Medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, and pharmacology/toxicology research is conducted in laboratories customized for the specialized requirements of each researcher. Please visit the Research tab for more information.

Sports facilities

The University offers a range of sports facilities (a fitness gym, a basketball court, a football court, and a multi-sport indoor gym) and services (fitness, dance, movement, yoga and Pilates classes) to students and staff and academic members to help them improve their fitness and relieve stress.

Animal House

The animal house facility has been created to support the scientific research and teaching. It provides animals for all activities implying the manipulation of experimentation animals. Its primary function is the breeding and husbandry of the most commonly used animal models in biomedical research, such as mice and rats. In this sense, animals are kept in a very well controlled environmental condition to meet its biological needs. The animal house facility is dedicated to supply experimentation animals not only for research groups of one or more University Departments, but also for other institutions or for public and private bodies. All activities and procedures at the animal house are in full compliance with the requirements of Beirut Arab University's Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Faculty library

The library serving the Faculty of Pharmacy is located at the 6th floor of Hariri building, Beirut campus. The Library supports the information and research needs of the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the Faculty. Access to the collections and services of the library resources are available to the university community and other library users. BAU faculty, staff and students have also remote (off-campus) access to licensed electronic resources (databases, e-books, e-journals) through iconnect. Other library users are invited to come to the library to access its resources. The Pharmacy Library is open year round, but hours of operation vary when classes are not in session and during summer and winter terms. The library is generally closed on all official university holidays. The library has two study rooms, also equipped with data and power. These provide a meeting place for pharmacy students to work on group assignments while still having immediate access to reference materials. The library offers students a number of services: service desk, borrowing, copying/printing/scanning and research.

Items in the collections are listed in the online library catalog. Additional electronic journals may be located using the electronic journal locator. Assistance in locating Library materials is available at the Library Service Desk. If the Library does not own specific materials that a student, faculty or staff member is seeking, material may be requested through Document Delivery/Inter-library Loan or it may be purchased, as appropriate.


Continuing Education

The Faculty of Pharmacy is committed to serve the educational needs of the pharmacy practitioners through the provision of educational activities designed to empower the participant, achieve, retain, and strengthen professional competencies. The Faculty provides continuing education activities through lectures, conferences and workshops, as well as educational programs leading to certificates, diplomas and masters. These activities are accredited by the Order of Pharmacists in Lebanon. Please visit Programs Tab for further information.