Public Relations and Communications

BAU - Public Relations
BAU - Public Relations
BAU - Public Relations
BAU - Public Relations
BAU - Public Relations
BAU - Public Relations
BAU - Public Relations
BAU - Public Relations
BAU - Public Relations
BAU - Public Relations
BAU - Public Relations
BAU - Public Relations

Public Relations & Events Department

BAU-Public relations Events

Public Relations Unit

Liaises between the Public Relations and Communications and the different Faculties and Centers at the university. It maintains the smooth flow of events’ organizing and assures the coordination between the different offices in the administration.

BAU-Public relations Events

Events Unit

Coordinates the communication with the external and internal society by the organizing of events (conferences, workshops, seminars, etc...). It assures the right flow of the booking of events and maintaining the success of the event.

BAU-Public relations Database

Database and Programming Unit

Maintaining all the Database Information for the Administration. It offers coordination and directs proper Database update through a systematic and a dynamic Database Program which maintains the latest update of information and data.

Department of Communications

BAU-  Press

Press Unit

Exposing all the events and activities that take place inside and outside the university’s Campuses to the Media and Press Offices through Media Releases and Press Kits. Believing in the major role the media play in manipulating the public opinion, the Office of Communications focuses on transmitting and reflecting the image of the university to the public.

BAU-  SocialMedia

Social Media Unit

Socializing with the public and communicating the flow of BAU News and Announcements through Social Media by Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

BAU- Website

Web Communications Unit

Coordinating all the events to be posted as Spotlight Announcements on the Front Page of the Website and as News and Events along with photos after the occurring of the event.

Imaging & Marketing Department

BAU-Public  Branding

Imaging & Branding Unit

Creating communication standards and rules that remain consistent to establish a strong Identity and Brand. It also serves as protecting, clarifying, and elevating BAU brand in a coherent and thorough way through reliable and tested messaging, branding, color palettes, typography, and images.

BAU-Public  Marketing

Marketing Unit

Promoting BAU through effective communication with key audiences. It also offers and implements concept development and marketing plans.

Design & Publications Department

BAU- graphics

Graphic Design Unit

Designing artworks that meet BAU Visual Identity through preparing Invitation Cards, Rollups, Brochures, and Monitoring the quality of the production.

Publications Unit

Providing or helping arrangement for graphic art and photographs to accompany the text material and managing the production process.


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