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Innovation and Development of Academic Industry Partnerships through Efficient Research Administration in Lebanon (IDEAL)



Research Report (2017-2018)
March 1, 2019

Research Report (2017-2018)

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Research Report (2016-2017)
December 7, 2017

Research Report (2016-2017)

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Research Report (2015-2016)
July 20, 2016

Research Report (2015-2016)

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BAU aims to support research excellence and is committed to focusing on the development of research to ensure its quality and innovativeness by tackling some of the most critical intellectual and social issues of the day.

BAU's research does not only aim for producing new knowledge in the fields of medicine, technology, business, science, and beyond, but its main focus is innovative research that yields actionable knowledge to improve the lives of individuals and communities in Lebanon and around the world.

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Prof. Hania Nakkash

    Message from the Dean

    Focusing on the development of research and ensuring its quality and innovativeness, BAU promotes up-to-date trends and approaches that address the needs of the community and respond to global developments...

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