Faculty Committees

The Faculty of Pharmacy has seven permanent committees that are: advisory committee, strategic planning committee, curriculum committee, students’ affairs committee, postgraduates and research committee, student activities committee and library committee.

At the beginning of each academic year, the Faculty council nominate the chair and members of each committee. The committee chair is responsible for organizing and calling for meetings at least twice per semester. When urgent issues arise, with the exception of the advisory committee, the chair has the right to call for a meeting.

Members will serve a one-year term and one of them should stay as a committee member for an additional year.

A smooth transition of responsibilities, including sharing all past committee related documents, is ensured between outgoing and incoming committee’s chair. All Faculty committee decisions are made by voting and the Faculty committee suggestions are to be forwarded to the Faculty council for further discussion and final approval. The Faculty committees are to follow-up the implementation of the decisions of the Faculty council. All signed minutes of the Faculty committees’ meetings are to be forwarded to the executive assistant of QAU for proper filling.