Beirut, the Lebanese metropolis, birthplace of the alphabets, and a meeting point of civilizations holds a distinctive geographic location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This setting distinguishes the city from a cultural, economic, commercial, and academic perspective. Therefore, it is the core for various institutions, including universities, which project the city's distinctive historical background.

Beirut Arab University (BAU), located in the heart of Beirut, is a center of culture and enlightenment.

BAU Presidents


Professor Wael Nabil Abdel Salam, MD


Prof. Amr Galal El-Adawi

2006 - 2023

Prof. Mustafa Hassan Mustafa

2000 - 2006

Prof. Fathi Mohamad Ahmad Abou Aayana

1998 - 2000
bau-Mohamad Ali Abdel Rahim

Prof. Mohamad Ali Abdel Rahim

1986 - 1998
bau-Abdel Fattah Mohamad Al Sahn

Prof. Abdel Fattah Mohamad Al Sahn

1984 - 1986
bau-Mohsen Khalil Kamel

Prof. Mohsen Khalil Kamel

1979 - 1984
bau-Mohamad Kamel Layla

Prof. Mohamad Kamel Layla

1975 - 1979
bau-Mohamad Helmi Al Khawli

Prof. Mohamad Helmi Al Khawli

1972 - 1975
bau-Ahmad Shamseddine Al Wakil

Prof. Ahmad Shamseddine Al Wakil

1968 - 1972
bau-Salama Ibrahim Hammad

Prof. Salama Ibrahim Hammad

1965 - 1968
bau-Abdel Aziz Al Sayed Aatik

Prof. Abdel Aziz Al Sayed Aatik

1964 - 1965
bau-Ali Ahmad Rashed

Prof. Ali Ahmad Rashed

1960 - 1964