Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research


Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research Committee consists of three-selected faculty (postgraduate studies advisors), the postgraduate coordinator and the faculty representative at the university Investigational Review Board (IRB), the Faculty trustee in addition to one postgraduate student. At least one committee member should be at the full professor rank and another one at an associate professor rank.


The Committee is responsible to ensure the application of University postgraduate rules and regulations and to follow-up the implementation of research program activities. The Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research Committee responsibilities and tasks are summarized as follows:

  • Develop postgraduate programs to match national and international standards in alignment with the university rules and regulations.
  • Guide postgraduate students to select area of specialization.
  • Review bi-annual progress reports of postgraduate students.
  • Assist the Faculty council in resolving postgraduate issues.
  • Prepare reports on the enrollment and progress of all postgraduate students at the end of each academic year.
  • Develop an action plan for postgraduate studies acceptance at the beginning of each academic year.
  • Review research activities plan to ensure their alignment with the Faculty research strategic plan.