Vision & Mission

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The Deanship of Graduate studies and Research envisions BAU as a leading University in delivering excellence and relevance in research, and is recognized nationally and internationally as a center for innovative research.


The Deanship of Graduate studies and Research seeks to achieve excellence in the development and advancement of knowledge through research, learning, and creative endeavors. It is dedicated to stimulating and coordinating multidisciplinary research activities that are devised to provide practical solutions for socioeconomic growth and meet the needs of the community. Our mission is to provide exceptional support for BAU’s research community in order to promote research productivity by cultivating and supporting a robust research culture for all Faculty members and students through:

  • Integrating research into the University's intellectual and academic culture and identity
  • Establishing new partnerships and providing guidance and support to help researchers
  • Promoting and supporting ethical responsibility, integrity, regulatory compliance and performance in all aspects of research
  • Setting policies and procedures that would support the University’s research agenda, and
  • Providing guidance and direction to ensure that all BAU research is conducted in an ethical and responsible manner in compliance with University policies