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At BAU, our international and national collaborations are as diverse as our Faculty members, who are at the forefront of the relationship building with partners. These relationships may start with a chance meeting at a conference and grow into multidimensional interactions with fellow institutions.

BAU establishes partnerships with outstanding academic and non-academic institutions across the globe in order to expand the student experience, Faculty members' growth and contributions, and the impact of our research. Collaborations with our local and foreign colleagues are essential to the success of our research activities. Partnerships are often the most rewarding, educational and enjoyable components of national and international work.

As they develop, collaborations are often formalized through agreements and other mechanisms that document the relationship between the University and a partner highlighting the expectations of each institution.

These collaborations contribute to the development of common practices, facilitation of external funding, international public sector consultancy, collaboration with the industry and increased mobility of scientific staff and administration.

Through international collaboration, BAU can achieve greater influence and visibility. Collaborating with other well-known Universities creates awareness, trust and respect.