The BAU pharmacy senior students, during their experiential placement, that were supervised by their preceptor Dr. Samar Karout, showed full enthusiasm, high levels of confidence, commitment, and a remarkable efficiency when volunteered in the First Aid awareness campaign that was held at RHUH. This raising campaign was aimed to deliver knowledge of basic life support techniques for the patient’s family members that visited the hospital, and the hospital staff.

The campaign aimed to:

  1. Offer a practical, hands on approach methods by using a mannequin to deliver the skills, confidence and the willingness to act when someone is in need of first aid.
  2. Provide proper education when bleeding heavily until medical attention can be obtained.
  3. Deliver appropriate instructions about recovery positions when someone has a seizure.
  4. Teach visitors how to help someone who has a burn of 1st degree, 2nd degree. Guide visitors how to deal with fractures and dislocations.

BAU Pharmacy students: Aya Al-Saidi, Joumana El-Akhdar, Layla Al-Wazzeh It was with great motivation that the students accomplished their mission with success, for which they were considerably praised by the health care providers who participated in the awareness campaign.

“Their professionalism and the coordination have impressed the entire team, as well as their self- motivation and dedication. The 200 participants who visited the campaign, were delighted with their presentation and their quick responses,’’ Dr. Raida Bittar, Chief Pharmacist said.

Dr. Samar Karout (Preceptor) Stated: “I was not surprised by their outstanding performance. I was sure they would make it! From their 3rd year of their curriculum they were being exposed to practical courses that gave them the skills and boosted their self- confidence to provide the best patient care’’.