On the occasion of the 26th Order of Pharmacists of Lebanon Annual Congress, an American College of Clinical Pharmacists (ACCP) International Symposium was held on 16th of November 2018 and entitled “Pharmacists and the Heart: Advancing Care for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease”. This symposium designed for pharmacists caring for patients with cardiovascular diseases in different practice settings.

ACCP has championed the advancement of clinical pharmacy where it is the professional home for clinical pharmacy practitioners, from more than 60 countries committed to excellence in clinical pharmacy.

This symposium is a highly recognized event worldwide in the clinical field, where this year, and for the first time, it was held in Lebanon.

The BAU, as always supporting for the professional development of their faculty members to achieve excellency in teaching, provided the opportunity to participate in the symposium.

The Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Cardiology Dr. Cynthia Jackevicius, discussed most up-to-date clinical trials and management guidelines for common acute and chronic cardiovascular diseases and engaged participants in activities that help them apply evidence into daily practice.

The Symposium sessions covered the following topics: • Clinical Guidelines: Updates in Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, and Heart Failure

  • Antithrombotic Agents: Clinical Evidence and Agent Selection
  • Acute Coronary Syndrome: Optimal Pharmacotherapy Strategies
  • Measuring Outcomes Associated with Pharmacist Services

This symposium shed light on recent updates in clinical trials and management practices applied in the USA hospitals. It also allowed us to share our clinical experience, actively participate and discuss the current practices of cardiovascular diseases in the Lebanese hospitals”.

Dr. Samar Karout empathized on the importance of professional development for clinical pharmacists. She said that this symposium enabled the participants of this event to recognize if they meet the international standards in managing the cardiovascular disorders in the Lebanese hospitals and in the community pharmacy settings.