Knowledge Exchange

BAU participated in a workshop about Safeguarding and Rescuing Archaeological and Architectural Assets in Lebanon

The Faculty of Architecture – Design and Built Environment at Beirut Arab University represented by Dr. Hiba Mohsen supervised by the Dean of the Faculty Professor Ibtihal El Bastawissi, participated in a training workshop about Safeguarding and Rescuing Archaeological and Architectural Assets in Lebanon, in collaboration with Biladi Association and the British Institute in Ankara.

The training was attended by University Professors from five Lebanese universities, Officers of the Labor Regiment in the Lebanese Army and professionals in safeguarding and rescuing Archaeological and Architectural Assets from Lebanon, Turkey and the Directorate General of Antiquities.

The Lebanese University also hosted the closing session, in the presence of the President of the British Institute in Beirut, President of the Order of Engineers and Architects in Beirut, and the coordinator of the SARAT program, Dr. Gül Pulhan.

BAU Won the First and Third Place at the Lebanese Biomedical Student Competition LBSC2021

The Faculty of Engineering at Beirut Arab University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Program represented by two teams won the First and the Third place at the “Lebanese Biomedical Student Competition LBSC2021" for their projects entitled: “Postural Stability Assessment Using a Stabilometric Platform” and “Development of a New Biometric Authentication Approach Based on ECG Signals”, respectively.

The First Team who won the First Place consisted of students Adnan Muhieddine Alaywan and Lama Nemer Yassin. As for the Third Place Team, it consisted of students Sally Yassin and Suleiman Sharara. Both teams were under the supervision of Dr. Alaa Daher.

Nine Universities participated in this competition in addition to Beirut Arab University; Lebanese University (LU), Rafic Hariri University (RHU), Islamic University (IUL), Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), American University of Science and Technology (AUST), Notre Dame University of Louaize (NDU), Lebanese International University (LIU), and the Lebanese University College of Technology (IUT).

Thirty-Five projects were submitted and divided into two categories: Applied engineering projects (Prototype) and Engineering research projects (Research and Software).

The event was attended by the Minister of Industry Dr. Imad Hoballah, the IEEE representative in Lebanon Dr. Bashar Al-Hassan, the IEEE-EMBS - Middle East representative Dr. Muhammad Khalil, and the IEEE-EMBS - Lebanon representative Dr. Muhammad Ayyash.

Congratulations to Beirut Arab University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Program!

BAU Harvests the 1st prize in the 8th Undergraduate Virtual Research Competition

The Faculty of the Health Sciences at Beirut Arab University – the Physical Therapy Department harvested the first prize of the eighth Undergraduate Virtual Research Competition across their category “Clinical Science”. Beirut Arab University’s team consisted of seven Physical Therapy Undergraduate Students: Aya Sidani - Dana AlKoush - Entissar Rahal - Hadeel Youssef - Lama Jarjour - Sami Ghanem - Moustafa Zebdawi. Their research project was entitled “Testing the Reliability of Angle Meter Application as a Means of Virtual Range of Motion Assessment for Further Use in a Future Protocol”. Their research project dove into validating a method of virtual range of motion assessment to accommodate patient care through the difficult time ruled by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The team’s application (Angle Meter Application) was proven a reliable, applicable, and affordable way for therapists to accurately assess patient range of motion and get numerical readings rather than rely on approximation and experience, while being connected to these patients only virtually.

This competition was held between numerous countries, whereby Eighty-Seven Universities participated from United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, Syria, Malta, Morocco, Tunisia, Palestine, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries, submitted their 315 undergraduate research projects from across the MENA Region.

SPE Chapter at BAU ranked 2nd place in Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference 2021

The Faculty of Engineering – The Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department at Beirut Arab University attained the second place winner in “Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference 2021”. The winning team was supervised by Dr. Rami Harkouss and consisted of the students: Jana Al-Ashkar, Mohamad Baalbaki, Adham Yaghi, and Alaa Dimassi.

The event was attended by 30 different Universities from the Middle East and North Africa Region, whereby it was marked by a gathering point for thought leaders, businesses converge, and decision-makers in a world of accelerating change for Petroleum Engineering industry. The competition took place virtually on the 14th and 15th of November 2021, whereby BAU Team came up with a convenient strategy to reach net zero carbon emissions by using hydrogen energy.

This remarkable achievement was accomplished due to the continuous and non-stop support of the BAU President Prof. Amr Galal El-Adawi, and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Prof. Adel El-Kordi, and all the technical and the aiding team who worked to gain this award.

Oral Health awareness campaign at Makassed Khaled Bin Walid kindergarten

The Faculty of Dentistry at Beirut Arab University organized an activity Entitled "Improving the Oral Health of Preschoolers" this activity was prepared and performed by the fifth year students as a partial fulfillment of the “Community Service” course at Makassed khaled Bin Al Walid (KBWH) Kindergarten.

The purpose of this activity is to involve the children in the Oral Health Awareness campaign and to allow them to discover the BAU Mobile Dental Clinic and get to know more about the facilities of the dental office.

The dentists presented a PowerPoint presentation related to healthy activities that affect their oral health like oral hygiene measures, oral habits and appropriate diet.

Teachers as well had the opportunity to be exposed to effective treatments they can use in regards to their own oral health and their kids as well.

The Faculty of Health Sciences participation in the 28th European Congress on Obesity (ECO)

The Faculty Member Professor Marwan El Ghoch, the Professor in Clinical Nutrition and the Head of Nutrition & Dietetics Department at the Faculty of Health Sciences delivered a symposium at the 28th European Congress on Obesity that was held in May 2021 entitled:” Understanding Sarcopenic Obesity: The Ignored Phenotype?” with my colleagues Dr. Giovanna Muscogiuri and Dr. Andrea P Rossi.

BAU participated in the “Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization: Reimagining Approaches in Higher Education in an Era of Global Uncertainties” Virtual Conference

Beirut Arab University, represented by Prof. Ibtihal Y. El-Bastawissi (Dean, Faculty of Architecture – Design & Built Environment) and Siam University, represented by Prof. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit (President of Siam University) have been invited by the IAU (International Association of Universities) to share their experience in engaging with the Cluster and sustainability in the Networking Session in the York Virtual Conference on Sustainable and Inclusive Internationalization.

The conference was organized by York University – Canada, in partnership with the IAU, Okayama University – Japan, and Canadian Commission for Unesco. The conference took place on 20-22 January 2021, while the Networking Session that has been hosted by the IAU was on 21 January 2021. In her presentation, Prof. El-Bastawissi focused on achieving the SDG goals generally and SDG9 particularly through education, research, conferences, new labs, innovation and community-based projects as well as wide-spreading BAU Journals, and developing partnerships with other universities.

Following this successful intervention in the conference, IAU represented by Hilligje van't Land, the Secretary General, welcomed BAU and Siam Universities to share concrete examples of community engagement focusing on social impact to be presented by IAU during the University World News Webinar entitled “Building Social Impact and Civic Engagement on 27 January 2021. Prof. El-Bastawissi shared with the IAU seven examples on BAU Community Engagement and on the university’s role in promoting sustainable urban development.

SPE BAU wins the Second Rank at ADIPEC2020 in Abu Dhabi

The SPE Chapter at the Faculty of Engineering at BAU participated at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition Conference (ADIPEC) which involved 24 universities from the Middle East and North Africa in a friendly yet stimulating competition enriching BAU Team an experience of a lifetime and proudly winning the 2nd place.

The topic of this year’s conference was to choose among four different proposed strategies that can help in keeping the oil and gas companies resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic. After diligent research, BAU Team has chosen the revaluing assets strategy as a short-term and integrating technology as a long-term solution.

BAU winning team consisted of students: Moatassem Fathallah, Jamil El Masry, Ali Hamdan, Mohamed Al Daoud, Haissam Sakr under the supervision of Dr. Rami Harkouss, Assistant Professor in Petroleum Engineering and the Chairperson Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department Acting Chairman. The team also was accompanied with the Young Professional Mentor, Engineer Ms. Zinab Al Maqrami from ADNOC Offshore company.

To follow the SPE BAU team presentation, kindly use this link below:

BAU Team won the 1st Place Award in the International Global Competition “Cool Abu Dhabi”

A Team from the Faculty of Architecture – Design & Built Environment at BAU won the 1st Place Award in the International Global Competition “Cool Abu Dhabi Competition” organized by the Department of Municipalities and Transportation of Abu Dhabi- United Arab Emirates.

BAU Team was represented by Dr. Ali Sedki Yassin and Dr. Mostafa Rabea Khalifa, and the team members were Prof. Neveen Hamza (Newcastle University, UK), Dr. Mohamed Mahgoub (University of Applied Sciences, Bahrain), and Architect Riad Halabi (Beirut Arab University Graduate).

This achievement comes in the series of successful achievements for the Faculty at the local and international level marked by this competition which aimed to improve the outdoor thermal comfort in Abu Dhabi’s public squares through achieving creative ideas that take into account valuable outcomes such as wellness. It also aimed to provide enjoyment and safety by developing a sense of belonging, an identity for the design and increases people satisfaction on pedestrian facilities and entertainment throughout the year. A hypothetical site in Abu Dhabi was chosen containing a small open plaza presenting the typical Abu Dhabi downtown block condition, which can serve as a good proxy for investigating ideas that can be replicated across Abu Dhabi.

The competition included more than three hundred well-conceived entries from 67 countries worldwide presenting their distinguished projects to an honorable selected jury announcing ten winning teams, among which Beirut Arab University team, received a prize fund of $10,000.

The winning design entry represented the most original and innovative ideas that attempted to tackle climate change and provide new solutions for the urban heat island effect in Abu Dhabi. Technical interventions, material propositions, and scientific evidence were provided and applied on a prototypical urban site in Abu Dhabi City.

This honorable participation result was achieved with the support of the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture – Design and Built Environment, Professor Ibtihal Youssef El-Bastawissi and under the supervision of the director of the Faculty – Tripoli branch, Dr. Nabil Mohareb.

This accomplishment was fulfilled by the continuous effort and encouragement of Beirut Arab University President Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi who is keen on empowering the students’ sense of community engagement which helps the students in blending their creative thinking at the local and global levels.


The Mobile Dental Clinic is a well-equipped two-chair dental clinic prepared by the Faculty of Dentistry to travel across the country to provide greater physical access to dental care and oral health awareness for vulnerable population in poor urban and rural remote communities experiencing economic hardship.

This is the first mobile dental clinic in Lebanon certified by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health. The Mobile clinic is composed of the following features that allow dentists to provide quality patient care.


Besides the emergency treatment, Mobile Clinic offers services like screening of the population with different age groups for various oral diseases, promoting oral health, and preventive measures were performed by residents and specialized professional staff members of the Faculty of Dentistry.

After the Beirut port explosion, the fully equipped mobile clinic moved into the affected areas and offered dental clinical services at no cost to the patients. These services included preventive and therapeutic measures aiming to relief pain and eliminate infections. Moreover, in cases of life-threatening conditions or conditions that require immediate attention and further permanent treatment, the cases were referred to the dental clinics within the Faculty of Dentistry at Beirut Arab University.

The services of the mobile dental clinic are offered to the public and these services are free of charge. Activity of the mobile clinic includes visits to schools such as the Hariri High School II, École Saint Charles, Makassed khaled Bin Al Walid among others. Activities also include organizing health awareness campaigns in Debbieh, Tripoli and other cities and collaborating with social and charitable foundations like Dr. Mohamad Khaled Social Foundations and providing support after the Beirut port explosion.

Building resilience &improving livelihoods in the North of Lebanon

UNIDO thru “Building resilience &improving livelihoods in the North of Lebanon thru skills training & improved manufacturing capacities in the wood sector” project gave a mobile handheld CNC router training introducing BAU students to the latest carpentry technology

W/ @AustriainLBN

Oral Health awareness campaign at Makassed Khaled Bin Walid kindergarten

The Faculty of Dentistry at Beirut Arab University organized an activity Entitled "Improving the Oral Health of Preschoolers" this activity was prepared and performed by the fifth year students as a partial fulfillment of the “Community Service” course at Makassed khaled Bin Al Walid (KBWH) Kindergarten.

The purpose of this activity is to involve the children in the Oral Health Awareness campaign and to allow them to discover the BAU Mobile Dental Clinic and get to know more about the facilities of the dental office.

The dentists presented a PowerPoint presentation related to healthy activities that affect their oral health like oral hygiene measures, oral habits and appropriate diet.

Teachers as well had the opportunity to be exposed to effective treatments they can use in regards to their own oral health and their kids as well.

BAU Organized a Workshop for Activating Children in Creation of Game Board

The Faculty of Architecture- Design and Built Environment at Beirut Arab University organized a workshop at Karantina Park targeting the children through activating their participation in the creation of game boards.

This workshop was organized in partnership with UNFPA- Lebanon, UNESCO- Beirut and UNODC- ROMENA.

Meet and Communicate Virtual Webinar at Tripoli Branch

The Entrepreneurship HUB at Beirut Arab University- Tripoli Branch organized a virtual webinar entitled “Meet and Communicate” for the aim of boosting their communication and employability skills. Over 250 participants from different northern schools joined the virtual webinar which included virtual information sessions spread over 2 consecutive days.

The opening ceremony was attended by Vice president for Tripoli Branch Affairs Dr. Khaled Baghdady, Director of Faculty of Business administration Dr. Hani Shaarani , Head of Entrepreneurship Hub Dr. Abdallah Chakik and his executive team, in addition to attendees from different schools. The event started by a welcoming speech for Dr. Khaled Baghdady expressing his appreciation for the exerted efforts achieved from all the participating companies, funding partners (Cosv, Beyond group, Avanzi, and CGM) and Entrepreneurship Hub team for the successful implementation of the activity. 

The aim of the activity was to build networking connections between high school students, and over 12 participating companies, where the later presented the currently needed skills and positions of different sectors within the labor market.

The activity was a great opportunity for attending students to use their communication skills, to network with the participating companies in order to have a better understanding of the current Labor market, to enhance the building of their employability skills and to provide them with a chance to make better decisions related to their career future. 

Furtherly, working towards eliminating the existing skills gap in the job market, the BAU Entrepreneurship hub team will work alongside with expert trainers to put into practice, training programs on different topics.

The next following training activity will be delivered by experts in communication; Public figure Milad Hadchiti, and will focus on different aspects of effective communication to include: presentation skills, idea pitching, public speaking, and emotional intelligence, and will be held on April 30 and 1st of May 2021.

BAU Nursing Students Volunteer in The National Vaccination Campaign for COVID-19 Pandemic

In line with the mission of Beirut Arab University to serve the Lebanese Community, and based on its partnership with the health sector in Lebanon, the Nursing students at the Faculty of Health Sciences- Tripoli Branch are participating in the National COVID-19 Pandemic Vaccination Program organized by the Ministry of Public Health. Students volunteered to assist the Medical Team at providing the vaccinations at Albert Haykel Hospital; which was approved by the Ministry of Public Health as a vaccination center in North Lebanon.

The team includes a group of administrators, clinicians and nurses assigned to follow up the vaccinated individuals during and after their vaccination process. However, this students’ commitment represents one of several activities organized by the Faculty of Health Sciences since the beginning of COVID - 19 pandemic, in order to raise the awareness about the disease and assist the nursing staff, especially during the peak of the deficiency of nurses.

Furthermore, the students of the Faculty are spreading massive awareness campaigns towards the importance of vaccination, in order to encourage the citizens, for achieving the required community immunization in a short period of time.

What is worth to be noted that the students of the Nursing Department will be endorsing their voluntary support action throughout all The National Vaccination Campaign period in Lebanon.

World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2020 at BAU - Faculty of Dentistry- in collaboration with the WHO and the ESE

The Faculty of Dentistry at Beirut Arab University in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Society of End odontology (ESE) launch the awareness campaign for the human sector under the title of "United to preserve antimicrobials.”

This campaign deals with several tips aiming to increase awareness of global antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and to encourage best practices among the general public and health workers to stop the further emergence and spread of drug-resistant infections.

BAU Helps the Stricken Areas at the Blast through using its Mobile Dental Clinics

The Faculty of Dentistry at Beirut Arab University moved the mobile clinic to the areas affected by port explosion especially to Karantina area. In cooperation with Beirut Municipality, forty patients were examined during the past two days. The mobile clinic is still performing its tasks and providing free consultations for patients in an initiative from Beirut Arab University to help people affected by the explosion.

Community Service

On 14th of March, MTL students volunteered in an event hosted by the NGOs Foodblessed and Tahaddi to celebrate mother's day. They helped in preparing and serving lunch for underprivileged families, set up and organize the place and decoration. Foodblessed is a local hunger relief initiative run by a group of volunteers with a passion and will to fight hunger in Lebanon. Tahaddi (facing together the challenge of poverty) is a non-governmental organization serving socially vulnerable families and victims of conflict and discrimination, regardless of their nationality, religion or social background.

Community service: Cancer awareness, Ibad Al Rahman Health day (Amalouna, NGO)

Second and third year BAU Medical Laboratory Technology students participated as volunteers in Ibad al Rahman health day, organized by Amalouna NGO for cancer awareness, on Saturday September 28th. They interacted with the community by enhancing their awareness towards breast, lung, colorectal and pediatric cancers and providing them with the essential tips for prevention. At the end, certificates of participation were delivered to all students.

BDL Beirut Marathon

The Faculty of Health Sciences along with all faculties at BAU participated in the BDL Beirut Marathon organized by Beirut MARATHON Association and “BANQUE DU LIBAN” on Sunday 8 November 2015. FHS faculty members and students participated as a part of the medical team that offered medical services for runners in case of injuries. 


Cancer Awareness Village

Under the supervision of Dr. Fatima Saleh (Associate Professor at the MLT department) and Mrs. Dima Kreidieh (Lecturer at the Nutrition and Dietetics), students from both departments had participated in the Cancer Awareness Village event hosted by Barbara Nassar Association in partnership with the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health. It took place at Forum de Beyrouth for three consecutive full days in 8th, 9th & 10th of February 2019.

The MLT department chose the topic of “Skin Cancer” to raise public awareness about how to prevent and detect it early.

The Nutrition and Dietetics Department chose the topic of “Breast Cancer” to raise the awareness on how obesity may increase the incidence of breast cancer and leads to poorer outcome during treatment as well as the increase of rate of mortality in patients with breast cancer. Students have also explained the importance of weight management in these patients.

A certificate of appreciation was offered to the students in the last day of the event, as a recognition for their valuable participation in the Cancer Awareness Village under the theme of “Love Heals”.

Action Against Hunger

A long road for a great experience. “Action Against Hunger” with whom Nutrition and Dietetics Senior students joined two weeks ago was not only a great learning experience, but also a blast to get to know. A humanitarian organization placing action plans to decrease the causes and effects of hunger worldwide had placed a 4-day session education plan in which we were glad to attend 3 of them. The plan revolved around nutrition education to pregnant and lactating Syrian female refugees in Baalbek camps. It was an absolute pleasure to get to know more on the works of this organization through this ground community work and learn the simplified manners of communication with individuals whose level of education in nutrition is affecting their health. This activity was undertaken through the Community Nutrition Course in the undergraduate program of Nutrition and Dietetics. Through this experience, we had an inside of the reality that they are living, and the challenges in investing efforts to alleviate the dominating malnutrition.


BAU HRC organized a Campaign for the Occasion of the World Health Day

For the occasion of the World Health Day, the Human Rights Center at Beirut Arab University HRC-BAU with the support of the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO LNCU released a campaign during for April-May 2021.The campaign aimed to highlight youth role and their engagement in bringing attention to the importance of global health issues and how they are engaged in the efforts to minify the Pandemic impact especially on social and health levels. It also intended to give a tribute to the young medical and healthcare staff/students as well as to raise awareness on the COVID-19 pandemic from a social and educational perspective.

The campaign encompassed several activities such as an awareness video, which included messages from medical students who were and still in the front lines during the pandemic and the vaccination phase. It also held a Webinar entitled “Youth and social cohesion during the Pandemic”. The campaign also included a Digital Wall of Heroes and Heroines that was shared on the university’s website and social medial platform as well as university screens on campus where it presented photos of BAU’s young medical front-liners with their messages to the community.

Awareness campaign

The physical therapy department - Faculty of health sciences - Beirut Arab university in collaboration with Sawa organization for development and aid visited one of the Syrian refugees’ camp in Dalhamieh - Bekaa region. Students gave awareness sessions on proper body ergonomics for agriculture and construction workers, and gave some practical demonstrations on relevant stretching exercises. For women a specific awareness session for healthy child development timeline and markers on common developmental delays requiring medical consultation. Afterwards, students performed entertainment activities for the children of the camp.

BAU Volunteers hand in hand to clean up the wreckage

In frame of the Lebanese community effort and response to Beirut massive explosion that occurred on 04/08/2020. As Beirut Arab University is committed to public engagement and social responsibility during the uncertain times, several initiatives on students’ level were organized hand in hand with more than 150 proud BAU students from all faculties and majors.

After performing a damage survey on affected areas the Student Activities Department In collaboration with different BAU departments, BAU HRC, and social clubs such as the DSC, and the Lebanese Red Cross youth department organized a repair campaign that targeted damaged public schools in Beirut:

- Raml Al Zarif Mixed Public School

- Salma Sayegh Public School

- Tabaris Mixed Public School

- Basta Mixed Public School

- Omar Hamad Elementary School

- Amin Bayham Public School

- Tarik Al Jadida Public School

Ending the week on 13/08/2020 the repair of our home, Volunteers from students, administrative and academic staff members patched the wounds of our beloved BAU that suffered hefty damages.

Huge thank you to all the volunteers that made all of this possible

Together, we will rise again and will continue our duty in community service through BAU facilities.


Senior Students of the Psychology Department Visit to the Sidon Orphan Welfare Society in the Southern City of Saida [17]

A visit to the Sidon Orphan Welfare Society in the Southern city of Saida was organized for the senior students of the Psychology Department, Faculty of Human Sciences, Beirut Arab University. The aim was to familiarize the students with the various psychological services offered to children with special needs, in particular those mentally and physically challenged, as well as autistic children. The services were explained and elaborated in great details, in preparation for training the students at the Society in the technicalities of how to handle children with special needs.