Sustainability Procurement Policy

As a leading institution of higher education in Lebanon, Beirut Arab University recognizes its pivotal role in promoting sustainability and addressing global challenges. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond academia, to include all aspects of our operations, including procurement. This Sustainable Procurement Policy outlines our dedication to making environmentally and socially responsible purchasing decisions that positively impact Lebanon, the region, and the world.

Local and Regional Support: Whenever feasible, BAU prioritizes sourcing goods and services from local and regional suppliers. This approach supports the local economy, reduces carbon emissions from transportation, and endorses community participation and development.

Climate Change Mitigation: BAU actively seeks opportunities to reduce harmful gas emissions throughout the procurement process. This includes exploring sustainable transportation options and promoting energy-efficient solutions.

Responsible Waste Management: BAU seeks collaboration with suppliers who adhere to responsible waste management and environmentally-friendly practices, particularly recycling and minimization of waste generation.

Ethical and Fair Trade: BAU is committed to promoting fair labor practices and gives preference to suppliers that are transparent about upholding workers' rights and complying with labor laws that ensure employee safety and wellbeing.

Continuous Improvement: BAU ensures quality and consistency by continuously assessing and review procurement practices, seeking opportunities for continuous improvement in sustainability performance.

At BAU, we believe that sustainable procurement is integral to achieving our broader sustainability goals and playing a positive role in preserving the environment and promoting social responsibility. By adopting this policy, BAU aims to lead by example, inspiring positive change among higher education institutions.