Student Representation

Dean of Student Affairs

Prof. Soubhi Abou Shaheen

Dean of Student Affairs

Dear Students,

On behalf of the staff of the Student Affairs, I would like to welcome you all to Beirut Arab University. Along with the academic staff members, we would like to assure you of the utmost consideration with which we regard our students.

One of our main goals is to facilitate interactions between students and staff to promote a campus climate that leads to the enhancement of students' academic success and career development.

The aim of the deanship of Student Affairs is to strengthen communication with BAU students in order to share and exchange ideas and views, to foster a spirit of team work, in accordance with the university’s regulations.

Beirut Arab University provides students with facilities and services that promote the educational process, including classrooms, laboratories, libraries, dormitories, and sport centers.

The Student Affairs division includes the following major units: admission and registration, exams, student housing, student activities. The Student Affairs division also offers academic and social guidance to BAU students.

Our main goals are:

  • Supporting the educational mission of the university through administering and managing of student records database, facilitating courses registration, issuing statements and certificates, and preparing the University catalogue.
  • Attending to students’ personal and academic affairs.
  • Creating a favorable University environment that fosters creativity and development of students' talents and skills.
  • Providing moral support, advice and guidance to students to help them overcome any problem that may arise during their academic studies.
  • Offering programs, activities and services that enable students to express themselves and develop their personalities.
  • Providing services for students with special needs during their years of study at BAU.

We go to great length to provide professional services to all our stakeholders, including students, academic staff, the University administration, and the parents of undergraduate students.

All Student Affairs staff are dedicated to enrich the student experience at Beirut Arab University.

Finally, we are always ready to offer any help and support for the academic and social development of students. We also welcome all your suggestions and questions.


Student Affairs Committee consists of the Faculty academic coordinator (Chair), Faculty secretary, two selected Faculty members, two undergraduate students from the third-fifth levels and one from first-second levels.


The Student Affairs committee is dedicated to assist all processes and issues related to undergraduate course registration, to be positively reflected on the educational process and academic climate.

The Student affairs Committee responsibilities and tasks are summarized as follows:

  • Disseminate any updates in the university registration rules, academic policies and regulations to all the faculty staff members.
  • Prepare, in collaboration with the Faculty Trustee and IT programmer, all the required documents for student registration at a timely manner and deal with all related issues.
  • Handle student petitions referred by the Dean reply with proper decisions.
  • Handle transfer student cases in collaboration with the Assistant Dean.
  • Lay mechanisms to anticipate student registration problems before they occur.