BAU Team won the 1st Place Award in the International Global Competition “Cool Abu Dhabi”

09 October 2020


A Team from the Faculty of Architecture – Design & Built Environment at BAU won the 1st Place Award in the International Global Competition “Cool Abu Dhabi Competition” organized by the Department of Municipalities and Transportation of Abu Dhabi- United Arab Emirates.

BAU Team was represented by Dr. Ali Sedki Yassin and Dr. Mostafa Rabea Khalifa, and the team members were Prof. Neveen Hamza ( Newcastle University, UK), Dr. Mohamed Mahgoub (University of Applied Sciences, Bahrain), and Architect Riad Halabi (Beirut Arab University Graduate).

This achievement comes in the series of successful achievements for the Faculty at the local and international level marked by this competition which aimed to improve the outdoor thermal comfort in Abu Dhabi’s public squares through achieving creative ideas that take into account valuable outcomes such as wellness. It also aimed to provide enjoyment and safety by developing a sense of belonging, an identity for the design and increases people satisfaction on pedestrian facilities and entertainment throughout the year. A hypothetical site in Abu Dhabi was chosen containing a small open plaza presenting the typical Abu Dhabi downtown block condition, which can serve as a good proxy for investigating ideas that can be replicated across Abu Dhabi.

The competition included more than three hundred well-conceived entries from 67 countries worldwide presenting their distinguished projects to an honorable selected jury announcing ten winning teams, among which Beirut Arab University team, received a prize fund of $10,000.

The winning design entry represented the most original and innovative ideas that attempted to tackle climate change and provide new solutions for the urban heat island effect in Abu Dhabi. Technical interventions, material propositions, and scientific evidence were provided and applied on a prototypical urban site in Abu Dhabi City.

This honorable participation result was achieved with the support of the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture – Design and Built Environment, Professor Ibtihal Youssef El-Bastawissi and under the supervision of the director of the Faculty – Tripoli branch, Dr. Nabil Mohareb.

This accomplishment was fulfilled by the continuous effort and encouragement of Beirut Arab University president Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi who is keen on empowering the students’ sense of community engagement which helps the students in blending their creative thinking at the local and global levels.