Word Aids Day

02 December 2016


Faculty of Medicine Students in Beirut Arab University(Lebanese Medical Students’ International Committee’s (LeMSIC), Standing Committee on Sexual & Reproductive Health Including HIV/AIDS (SCORA)) celebrated World AIDS Day (WAD) campaign celebration that has a goal to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS, to end the stigma, and discrimination against people living with HIV,

by preparing a local event about HIV on Tuesday 29/11/2016 in Main Building Beirut Arab University.

 Through this event they spread awareness about HIV, at the information stand they explained to their fellow university students, what is HIV, how it functions, how does it spread, and can they protect themselves to prevent themselves HIV transmission. To make sure that their fellow students got the message that SCORA is trying to spread, they were tested through smart, fun, witty games to see what they have learnt. At the end if they passed those tests, they got a sweet treat, and a chance in entering a tombola to win gift vouchers.