Clinical Simulation Center (CSC)

The Clinical Simulation Center (CSC), established in 2016, aims to introduce simulation-based learning on medical simulation mannequins to undergraduate medical students and residents at BAUFM. It stresses the concept of patient safety in medical education. Trainers of different specialties support students to develop and mature their clinical skills and abilities, including communication skills, history taking, physical examination, and analytical thinking in diagnosing and managing patients. Located on the third floor of Hariri building, CSC covers an area of 420 square meters. The center is divided into five areas including a critical care unit, a medical surgical ward, an obstetrics pediatrics unit, a wet lab, and a skill-training unit. Each room can accommodate 35 to 40 students. Each room is supplied with the appropriate tools and instruments (emergency carriage, defibrillator, patient bed…) to best serve the covered subject. Trainers and students have access to all equipment needed for physical examination and execution of clinical procedures. Students are engaged in structured live streaming clinical scenarios; their responses are recorded via portable cameras to be displayed and discussed later in the debriefing room. Students are evaluated accordingly. The center has two changing rooms where students can keep their personal stuff during sessions.

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