HIV Awareness

07 December 2015


Since December the 1st is the World AIDS Day, the students of the Faculty of Medicine, represented by the Lebanese Medical Students' International Committee (LeMSIC) and Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS (SCORA), in collaboration with Red Cross club Student Activities , have organized an HIV awareness Campaign in Beirut Campus, Al Multaka Building, from the 1st to the 4th of December.
HIV/AIDS has been discussed extensively worldwide in the last few years, and recently there was about 4000 cases reported in Lebanon! The students educated the public about HIV and AIDS, explained the importance of accepting and not-discriminating People Living with HIV in order to eradicate this infectious disease along with all the stigma and taboos related to it.
The Students did so through multiple interactive games concerned with correcting the myths, informing knowing what’s true or false and offering more information about the topic. In addition there was a huge board on which the public expressed whatever they want to support people living with HIV.
The public were satisfied with what they learned and gained.