Diabetes, Epilepsy and Lung Cancer Awareness

26 November 2015


The students of the Faculty of Medicine, incorporated into the Lebanese Medical Students’ International Committee (LeMSIC) have organized a health campaign entitled “Diabetes, Epilepsy and Lung Cancer Awareness “on Tuesday 24/11/2015 in Main Building, Beirut Campus.
One in Six of Lebanese people has diabetes. The campaign’s goal and duty are to make the remaining five aware of the diabetic person’s case, symptoms and treatment. The committee also oriented them about how to test one’s own blood for glucose levels, as well as the normal and abnormal findings.
Epilepsy, was an odd topic for some of our public, many people have never heard about it before. That is why it was very crucial to organize such a campaign. The students taught the public about the disease, and explained why we should not discriminate against epileptic people. Moreover, the public was taught how to handle a situation during which a surrounding person encounters a seizure.
As for lung cancer, the students focused on smoking since it is the major cause of this type of cancer (more than 90% of lung cancer patients are smokers). The Committee has done that through a game: one of the public has to exchange a smoker’s cigarette with a gum cigarette.
The public was well satisfied with the knowledge they gained. Although it was a very sensitive and important bundle of information.