Be Your Body's Buddy

02 April 2015


The faculty of medicine at Beirut Arab University in collaboration with the Lebanese Medical student international committee  (LeMSIC) have decided to embrace the message of the“International Women's day" by organizing an amazing event titled as "Be Your Body's Buddy" in the main Beirut campus of the university.

The faculty of medicine at Beirut Arab University has many visions, one of the most important is raising awareness on the common problems our Lebanese community encounter. This is why the faculty took an important initiative through promoting this event in order to pursue it's vision.
LeMSIC is part of the International Federal Medical Student Association (IFMSA), established in 1964, and composed of six standing committees one of which is the standing committee on sexual and reproductive health including HIV/AIDS which is governing this event.
 "Be your body's buddy" that targets many topics regarding women health, contraception, STIs, period, gynecological cancers and diseases. They also discussed abuse and rape , presenting to Beirut Arab University students the reality we live in. The campaign included interactive quizzes and games , a martial art coach to teach the female students how to defend themselves in any abusive encounter , also a stand for the famous NGO Kafa with brochures and stories, and of course an amazing team of all medical students  putting all their hearts and knowledge in this campaign