The President of Beirut Arab University Prof. Amr Galal El- Adawi and the President of Al-Mina Municipality Council Abdel Kader Alameddine signed a cooperation agreement covering infrastructure and the surrounding area of BAU Branch in Al Mina. The President of Al-Mina Municipality Council spoke about the nature of this agreement saying "This is not the first agreement of cooperation between the Municipality and BAU. Our cooperation began since laying the foundation stone for the establishment of BAU Tripoli Branch in Al-Mina City. We believe in BAU’s role to raise the status of the city and our relationship with BAU has developed during the era of former Secretary General late Mr. Issam Houri. Also, we have always been able to meet the university demands concerning the building, investment and licensing.” He added, “We are proud today to sign an agreement of cooperation regarding the establishment of the public park near the university campus which will be a public common for BAU students and Al Mina people.” BAU President Prof. Amr Galal El -Adawi maintained, "Today we signed an agreement, which is the first of its kind to turn the land adjacent to the university branch into a park of public interest for Al Mina people and BAU students.” He added, “Our presence here is not limited to this distinctive educational facility in Lebanon and the Middle East. It includes our vision of being partners with the people of Tripoli, Al Mina and the North to create a success story not only at the educational level but also for the development of the city. BAU Branch in Al Mina was established nine years ago, and since then the region has been significantly developed and many job opportunities have been open for the people in the North as most of the BAU academic and administrative staff members and professors are from Tripoli and the North. This was reflected in the university labour needs which we emphasized to be limited to the people of the region so they feel we are here to achieve development goals in addition to educational issues.” On the other hand, and within the framework of the Signing Ceremony, a gathering was held between the President of BAU Prof. Amr Galal El- Adawi and the Northern figures: Former Prime minister Najib Mikati represented by Mokbel Malak, Minister of State for Economic Empowerment for Women and Youth Ms. Violette Khairallah Safadi represented by Ms. Nadine Ali, M.P. Dr. Ali Darwich, M.P. Jean Obeid represented by Mr. Elie Obeid, Ministers and Former Deputies Dr. Ahmad Fatfat, Mohamad Safadi represented by Mr. Ahmad Safadi, Mr. Omar Miskawi, Election Candidate for Tripoli Ms. Dima Jamali, Mayor of Tripoli Municipality Eng. Ahmad Kamareddine, the President of Al Mina Municipality Council Abdel Kader Alameddine, The Head of the Educational Area Ms. Nahla Hamaty, and the Director General of Water in the North Dr. Khaled Obeid. BAU President Prof. Amr Galal El- Adawi delivered a speech emphasizing on the role of universities in spreading the social awareness and services in addition to their role in educating people. He mentioned the importance of establishing BAU Tripoli Campus in helping the Northern students to maintain education. In addition, he spoke on the high standards of education provided by Beirut Arab University at the five current faculties at the Campus. Moreover, he mentioned that BAU works on the student’s personality that serves the community and can builds success stories despite the difficult economic situation Lebanon faces. The gathering was culminated by a lunch included BAU and all distinguished gusts.