Faculty Director

BAU - Director Faculty ofFaculty of Architecture - Design & Built Environment

Prof. Ayman Afify

Director, Faculty of Architecture - Design & Built Environment - Tripoli Campus

On behalf of the staff of the Faculty of Architecture, Design & Built Environment - Tripoli Branch, I would like to welcome you to the Faculty page.

The Faculty of Architecture, Design& Built Environment, TripoliBranch was established in 2010. It has an academic vision, mission and aim which are consistent with BAU strategy along with the general objectives set by UIA declaration in 2005. The strength of our faculty remains in our commitment to high quality and emerging educational approaches. In response to the rapidly changing environment, new fields of architecture have been developed globally and adopted in our research targets releasing multiple design and urban concepts; i.e. sustainable, environmental, and digital design approaches.

Over the past years, BAU has embedded a comprehensive structure of quality assurance procedures and systems. Moreover, since February 2017, RIBA confirmed Initial validation and full RIBA recognition of part 2 (after year 6 program - MArch) and recognition of part 1 (after year 4) effective from 2017.

Students in our faculty receive enriched learning experience with diverse and interacting community of exceptional academic staff with national and international backgrounds.

In addition, strategic relationship with a targeted set of peer institutions in Europe and Middle East for students and faculty exchange and collaboration are developed. The students are as well supported by the availability of facilities such as the Library, GIS, Digital Modeling and Environmental Labs,the Model Making Workshop.

The Faculty of Architecture, Design & Built Environment - Tripoli Branch, believes in its responsibility and belonging towards the Lebanese northern society and has been deeply engaged hand in hand through its staff and students with the community and civil society since it was established.

For further inquiry, you may explore our website to learn more about our programs, and our world class educational environment.