BAU - Director Faculty ofFaculty of Science

Prof. Mohamed Sherif El-Gayar

Director, Faculty of Science - Tripoli Campus

The Faculty of Science, Tripoli Campus aims to graduate high-level educated and skillful students capable to meet the needs of the labor market within Lebanon and abroad.

In order to achieve this, the Faculty works in collaboration with the main Faculty in Debbieh to update courses and teaching methods that aid in attaining international accreditation. The Faculty is committed to teaching and research of the highest caliber and offers professional education, preparing students for responsible citizenship and community engagement.

The laboratories have been equipped to compare with those at top European and American universities. Education at the Faculty started in the academic year 2010-2011, applying the credit hour system in all fields of specialization (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Information Technology, Biology and Biochemistry) and is dedicated to making significant contributions to Lebanon in diverse fields upholding on the principles of academic freedom and excellence in teaching, research and creative expression.