Faculty Director

BAU - Director Faculty ofFaculty of Science

Prof. Salem Marhaba

Director, Faculty of Science - Tripoli Campus

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Faculty of Science-Tripoli branch, which was established in 2010, to serve Northern Lebanon community. The Faculty of Science is a place of production, acquisition of knowledge and self-expressing.

With excellent facilities for carrying education, training and research, the Faculty of Science offers different strategies of authentic learning implemented in six programs: Biology, Biochemistry, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Sciences. Throughout the bachelor's degree, the students will acquire solid skills and knowledge in various fields and disciplines allowing them to succeed in postgraduate studies and obtain career opportunities in national and international markets.

Our Faculty teaches students to become autonomous individuals and lifelong learners. We aim to inspire the intellectual and creative potential of our students by introducing unconventional learning materials, encouraging discussion and challenging advanced students with extension projects.

The goals of our Faculty center on increasing student learning, improving indicators of fundamental research performance, and increasing engagement with national schools, local labs and community.

The Faculty of Science believes that the key to success is embedded in the teaching, administrative and technical staff, which will advise and help students throughout their university journey.

With all the best