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Iman Alaywan

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Mass Communication

01 300110 Ex: 2514


Iman Alaywan

Full Time Staff-member

Academic Expertise:

Assistant Professor full timer at Beirut Arab University since academic year 2012-2013 Contracting Assistant Professor at BAU for academic year 2011-2012 Contracting

Assistant Professor at the Lebanese University( Faculty of Information & Documentation) from 2007-2008 till 2011-2012

Academic year Supervising :

26 thesis in Mass Communication Member of deliberation committee for 18 thesis in Mass Communication; one at Lebanese University Member of deliberation committee for 2 dissertations in Educational Sciences at St Joseph University

Journalism Expertise:

- First sport journalist woman in Lebanon graduated from the faculty of Information and worked at Assafir newspaper from 1978 till 1983.

- Editor in Al Watan Al Riyady magazine from 1983 till 1987.

- -Editor in chief for Hazar magazine ( specialized for children) 1987 & 1988.

-Political Correspondent for many Gulf newspapers & magazines from 1992 till 1994.

Scientific Degrees:

- Ph.D. in Humanities : Educational Sciences from St Joseph University of Beirut; Dissertation subject:" The Media and their educational and social-cultural challenges: The Internet"(2008)

Master in Humanities: Educational Sciences from St Joseph University of Beirut; thesis subject: "Educational Values in the Lebanese Press for Children- Comparative study" ( 1997)

Bachelor's in Information: Journalism and News Agencies speciality from the Lebanese University - Faculty of Information & Documentation (1979)

High School Graduate from The Grand Lycee-Mission Laique Francaise


Fall 2018-2019:

- Propaganda & Advertisement MCOM 423

- New Media Technology and Online Journalism MCOM 433

- New Media Technology and Online Journalism MCOM 452- Minor

- Specialized and Investigative Press MCOM351

- Comparative Media Systems MCOM 603 -

Media Ethics MCOM 605

- Media & Technology MCOM 705

Spring 2018 - 2019: -

News Reporting and the Art of News MCOM 250

- News Reporting & the Arts of News MCOM 250 - Minor -

Media Legislations and Ethical Codes MCOM 454 -

Analyse and Criticise Media Contents MCOM 470

-Media and Arab Issues MCOM 604

- Advertising & Marketing Campaigns MCOM 607

- Media & Crises Management MCOM 707



1- New Media Ethics - The Lebanese Information Ministry Conference ( 8-9 December 2015)

2-The Evolution of Communication Habits in the Light of New Technology - Vision Moderne de la Culture dans la societe contemporaine - (8-9 December 2016)

3- The Press Nowdays from the Perspective of Lebanese Professionals - The Media : Current Status and Challenges (28-29 March 2017)

4- Satirical Writing Frames in Specialised Arabic Media Websites - Realite et Creativite dans les Sciences Humaines (28-29 November 2018)

Workshops :

1- Critical Thinking ( October 2017)

2- Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions ( November 2017)


Member of the International Olympic Movement

Jury member of the Photography Competition held by the Office of the Minister of State for Women’s Affairs