Dean of Faculty of Human Sciences

Prof. Siddeeka Lasheen

Dean - Faculty of Human Sciences

The field of human sciences studies human beings both individually and as part of a group. One generation after the other, revolutions have passed on to us; revolutions that changed the world (Copernicus, Darwin, and Freud), up until we reached the fourth revolution.
Human sciences are historically the branches of science that give us the tools to understand the reality of the relationship between man and the universe.
Knowing this, the mission of our faculty is to cultivate a human being capable of coping with the Fourth Revolution. Studying languages, psychology, history, sociology, and mass communication is the gateway to discovering one’s self. From this endpoint, you can set out to understand and develop the world.

I look forward to building new pathways hand-by-hand with you, as well as new specializations that will help you and thus the universe.

Welcome to the Faculty of Human Sciences , where humanities meet knowledge.