Historical Background

The Faculty of Human Sciences is one of the earliest faculties founded at BAU. Closely involved in the academic and professional life of Lebanon, the Faculty combines a long and distinguished history of educational achievement and forward-looking courses. It counts on its graduates, many who are among distinguished personalities, who have held ministerial and other high-ranking positions in the Arab World. Starting with the department of Arabic Language & Literature in 1960, it gradually grew over the years to offer majors in Geography, History, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology and English Language & Literature.

Staying attuned to the latest developments in culture, knowledge, research, and development of professional and interdisciplinary studies, the departments of French Language and Literature (2002), Mass Communication (2003), and Libraries and Information Sciences (2004), as well as a Diploma in Translation (2002) were introduced to meet employment requirements in the region and worldwide. The Faculty further launched the Women's Studies Diploma in 2010 and is currently in the process of launching a Teaching Diploma at the English Department and a Diploma in Translation offered by the French Department.

The Credit Hour System, adopted in 2006, offers students flexibility in course selection and workload. The Faculty provides students with the opportunity to pursue their postgraduate studies at the MA and PhD levels.