Psycho-social Unit


In the light of the accelerating rhythm of modern life and the increasing needs of university students for support, both psychologically and socially, to be able to better face the stressors and difficulties of daily life, the Faculty of Human Sciences (Psychology Department) proposes the establishment of the Psycho-social Unit at BAU. This unit becomes an inevitable requirement for the welfare of BAU students. Such a step will be a pioneering contribution by BAU among Lebanese universities.

The Unit offers counseling services and interventions, including but not limited to psychological, social and educational services for the students. These services are rendered in accordance with world-wide counseling, therapeutic psychological and ethical standards which regulate psycho-social services. The guiding principle for the Unit is nondiscrimination and equality. 


The Unit aims to be a pioneer in Lebanon, that offers psychological and social services to the students at the university, while empowering them to achieve their inner adjustment in both psychological and social terms.


The Unit seeks to effectively contribute to the self-development of the students who are in need of care and psycho-social support. The aim is to help them attain the optimal level of psycho-social adjustment with themselves and their surroundings, by providing counseling sessions and raising awareness.