Thermoelectric Power Measurments (Home-Made)

The home-made thermoelectric power device:

is one of the important devices for measuring the properties of materials in thermodynamics studies, which depend on the direct conversion of temperature differences to electric voltage and vice versa.


the experimental observed thermoelectric power S, which is the most important parameter, where it is the voltage produced between the two points on a conductor at a consistent temperature difference of 1° Kelvin is maintained between them is termed as See beck coefficient, thermo-power or thermoelectric power. The studies of thermo-power of high-temperature superconductors provide much important information about the scattering mechanism, band gaps, the nature of the charge carriers, the electronic transport properties and explain the significant changes in the carrier concentration or oxygen content when one of the cautions in the high-temperature superconductors is progressively substituted by another caution with a different oxidation state.