Dean of Faculty of Science

Prof. Ramadan Awad

Dean of Faculty of Science

Since 1976, the Faculty of Science has been aiming to become a leading institution in both research and education regarding the fields of basic and applied Science, and a center of excellence both locally and internationally.

Moreover, it is a vital scientific environment embracing various information and cultures that graduate new generations capable of publishing, applying their knowledge and sharing in the progress and prosperity of their country. This can never be achieved without the contributions of our highly qualified staff members , experts and researchers who are ,without a doubt, the main reason of our continuous success and development.

We are completely aware of the major scientific challenges ahead of us. That is why, our staff members are totally dedicated to their work and they spare no effort in achieving the quality of education that can compete with the well established universities all over the world. We also seek for a productive co-operation among our faculty, other scientific and industrial committees and civil work institutions.

Our work hasn't gone unnoticed as by now, we have thousands of graduates who have attained the greatest degrees of knowledge and the highest positions all over the world. Moreover, They contributed through their knowledge and experience in pushing their country forwards in various aspects of life.

The faculty continues to strive for national recognition and prominence for all our programs. The bachelor of computer science program, department of mathematics and computer science have obtained accreditation by the computing accreditation board for engineering and technology (ABET), a US accreditation body that evaluates academic curriculum worldwide, and it is about time we obtain it in other programs from ABET; (Applied Sciences).