Historical Background

The Faculty of Science offers unique opportunities for innovative research and education. Founded in 1976 with the department of Physics, the Faculty underwent a rapid expansion to include the Departments of Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biological Sciences in 1978, 1988, and 1998 respectively.

The graduate program was initiated in 1999. In line with its growth policy, and to accommodate the increasing number of students, the faculty moved to Debbieh Campus in 2008, which is located in the beautiful Chouf Mountains overlooking the Mediterranean. In 2010, a new branch for the faculty was established in the north of Lebanon, Tripoli. In 2017, the faculty has also started to offer all Bachelor’s degree programs in science in Beirut campus.

The Faculty in Debbieh, Tripoli and Beirut have currently 33 academic staff (full and part timers), and over 4746 BSc. as well as 865 Master, Diploma, and PhD alumni.

The faculty has a wide variety of services including a full line of specialized laboratories and computing facilities that fulfill all needs required for students. All laboratories are well equipped with advanced instruments. These facilities develop students’ technical skills and prepare them for rewarding careers as the next generation of highly skilled scientists and professionals to meet the community needs. The Research Laboratories provide as well expert analytical services to BAU and non-BAU communities on a wide range of advanced instruments.

Organizational Structure

The following four departments constitutes the Faculty of Science: Physics, Mathematics & Computer Science, Chemistry and Biological Sciences. The Mathematics and Computer Science Department offers two programs: Mathematics and Computer Science. The Biological Sciences Department also offers two programs: Biology and Biochemistry.

The organizational chart of the faculty is as follows: