Scintillation Detectors

Detector 905-3 (2” x 2”): 0.75 @0.5 MeV and 0.45 @2.0 MeV (SN: 60006-02866-I) with Detector 905-4 (3” x 3”): 2.00 @0.5 MeV and 1.30 @2.0 MeV (SN: 60007-00196-I):

NaI(Tl) radiation detectors are cost effective and available in multiple configurations and sizes. NaI(Tl) radiation detectors offer improved performance through enhanced detector resolution, stability, and faster light decay time. This detector type depends on the fundamentals of gamma-ray interactions that generate light pulses, which are then detected in a photomultiplier 14 pin and converted to a voltage pulse for further signal processing using With MCA digiBASE.


Detection of gamma-ray radiation, environmental study, nuclear physics research, medical physics, determination of radiation properties of different materials, and radiation safety.