Nuclear Laboratory

This laboratory contains the necessary instruments and infrastructure to carry out simple experiments in surface contamination measurement, personnel monitoring, plotting a GM plateau, radiation background measurement, GM resolving time, detector efficiency, radiation absorption studies, backscattering, and inverse square law. It serves the following experimental courses: PHYS473L.

Infrastructure of the Laboratory

Several Geiger Muller Tube Detectors, Scintillation NaI (Tl) Detector, SCA 14 PIN connection, standard radioactive sources in different geometries.


This research lab helped the students to gain their graduation. The students are running their experiments, following their passion and stimulating their curiosity with the results. Here are some of the research topics investigated:

  • Geiger Muller plateau.
  • G-M dead time and efficiency.
  • Beta absorption and β- Energy ( range and maximum energy).
  • γ-attenuation + Inverse Square Law.
  • Semiconductor detector.
  • Randomness of disintegration.
  • Monitoring exercises with GM.