Microbiology Laboratory

The Laboratory of Microbiology is involved in research in biotransformations and interactions of microorganisms as well as their control. Moreover, it contributes to the exploitation of the generated knowledge in the application areas of Health & Food, Bioproducts & Energy and Environment & Sustainability. This laboratory introduces undergraduate students to procedures for handling microbes, methods of identification of microorganisms (microscopic and by diagnostic media), preparation of stained slides and wet mounts, aseptic techniques, isolation of a single colony, preparation of a pure culture, inoculation and interpretation of select diagnostic tests.

Infrastructure of the Laboratory

Centrifuges, Water bath, Spectrophotometer, Incubator, Oven, Education Light Microscopes.


  • Prepare, observe, and interpret stained slides of bacteria using microscopy.
  • Aseptically transfer, culture bacteria, and isolate individual colonies by using the streak technique.
  • Use differential and selective media to isolate and identify various bacteria.
  • Test microbial susceptibility using different chemical agents.
  • Culture bacteria from common surfaces and substrates.
  • Identify samples of unknown bacteria using deductions and systematic testing.