Heated Ultrasonic Bath-H (9 L)

Ultrasonic Bath-H (SN: 3000839):

ultrasonic cleaning bath with heating and capacity 9 litters, adjustable temperature from ambient +5°c up to 75°c. Timer switch for 0 -15 minutes or continuous operation. Indicator lamp when the unit is in operation. Double bodied tank, made entirely of stainless steel. Emptying drain, anti-parasite filter, adjustable timer and heating, model dependent. The principal of ultrasonic cleaning consists of the use of high frequency sound waves (40 kHz), produced by a generator through a transducer, which propagates them mechanically inside the tank, this produces a cavitations effect which leads to the formation of millions of low pressure microscopically bubbles which carry out molecular cleaning, eliminating impurities, polluting agents and dirt from the parts or material which must be cleaned. Complex parts can be cleaned without disassembly since the cavitations penetrates wherever the cleaning solution is in contact with the surface. The generator of these baths is completely transistorized and incorporated, working through the “Sweeping frequency” system, which ensures uniform cavitations at all points of the resonance tank.


Laboratories in general: acceleration of chemical reactions, degassing of liquids, cell disruption, cleaning of sieves, pipettes, micro-pipettes, curettes, trays, viscometers, decomposition of radioactive substances, etc. Dentistry: Cleaning of prosthesis, instruments, etc. Optics: Cleaning of frames, lenses, and contact lenses, etc. Medicine: Cleaning of instruments in general, forceps, probes, scalpels etc. Jewelers and Watch making: Cleaning of all kinds of watches and jewels. Industry: Cleaning of all electronic components, printed circuit boards, semiconductors, petrol injector sieves and filters, etc.