Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Specialized Laboratory

The Biochemistry &Molecular Biology Specialized Laboratory at the department of Biological Science was established in 2016 and completely renovated at 2017. This renovation aimed to meet the escalating demands of our postgraduate students at the Faculty of science as well as other faculties at BAU. The laboratory is well equipped with the specialized instrumentations that provide students and researchers the chance and the services to follow the latest applications and achievements in their respective occupational fields. For instance, the biochemical and molecular investigation of cell death, damage and tissue repair mechanisms, as well as the therapeutical examination of biological activities, interactions and anti-cancer activities of some new molecules in various experimental disease models and human diseases.

Infrastructure of the Laboratory

Rotor Gene Real time PCR device, Thermal cyclers, Electrophoresis units, Gel and membrane imaging device, Centrifuges (refrigerated, vacuum), nanpdrop, thermal heating block, ELISA microplate reader and well washer, Ultracentrifuge, Computerized UV spectrophotometer, Microwave, Oven, Tissue processor, Rotary Microtome, Dispenser for paraffin wax, Cold plate, Homogenizer, Sonicator, Hybridizer and hybrid linker, Binoculer Bright field Microscope with Camera Module.


Several diagnostic studies with molecular biological methods are investigated:

  • Determination of enzyme activity.
  • Study gene expression levels by RT PCR.
  • Prepare histological slides and capturing images of the prepared slides.
  • Protein isolation and purification, protein assays, determination of enzyme activities, oxidant/antioxidant parameters, apoptotic and necrotic markers, inflammatory and anti-inflammatory agents, and various growth factors and cytokines are analyzed by ELISA, spectrophotometric, colorimetric and electrophoretic methods in animal and human tissue homogenates, cell lysates, blood, serum, and plasma. 
  • DNA and RNA isolation, analysis and imaging, gene expression analyses: RT-PCR.
  • Consultancy services