BAU Olympic Sciences

15 March 2019


The Faculty of Sciences at Beirut Arab University (Tripoli Branch), organized a series of scientific tests entitled “BAU Olympic Sciences” in order to create a spirit of cooperation, convergence and scientific competition between the educational institutions in the North. The competition was attended by 224 students coming from 15 different schools in Akkar, Tripoli, Koura and Dinneyeh. The challenges were as follows:

1. Computerized and written exams in the following subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

2. A Minute to Win it: A recreational section between schools and the university students was held within the university’s theater, where 19 students received immediate prizes from companies supporting this scientific day

3. Science Rally: A group of games the requires physical and intellectual abilities (included teams from different schools)

4. The Closing Ceremony: Started with the national and university’s anthem, a speech by the student Noura Loubani, and a speech by the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Pr. Ramadan Awad in which he addressed the college and its future vision, followed by a speech by the director of the educational area in the North Ms.Nahla Hamati. Followed by a speech to vice president of Tripoli campus Pr. Khaled Baghdadi, in which he mentioned the importance of this stage in the future of the students. The dignitaries also attended the ceremony as mayor of the Mina, Mr. Abdelkader Alam AL Deen, Mr. Mohamad Hammoud assistant secretary of the general affairs (Tripoli Branch), college director as well as a number of principals and professors of participating schools.

The prizes were distributed to the students who won the first five places; a scholarship of 40% including the first semester, then it follows the university’s system of grants, in addition to financial awards divided as follows:

1. Gharam Kaloun , Al Manar 500,000L.L

2. Miray Al Assad, Akkar 400,000L.L

3. Manar Hannouf, Al Iman 300,000L.L

4. Micheal Jovlakain, Dar Al Nour 200,000L.L

5. Ahmad Tabikh, Azm 150,000L.L

Finally, prizes were handed to the winning team of the Science Rally