Standing Committee of Medical Education SCOME-LeMSIC in Beirut Arab University was proud to host the annual clinical skills workshop for students in BAU on Thursday 28/3/3019 and Tuesday 9/4/2019.

SCOME BAU team with the help of surgeons and senior specialists in BAU clinical simulation center gave a training to 80 students from the first, second, and third medical year.

This intensive workshop equipped the students with the skills to assess and repair a traumatic laceration and perform skin procedures; the principles and methods of correct handling of surgical equipment, suture selection, wound closure, and post-operative care was addressed in detail.

The students gained hands-on practice in executing the proper technique for most common suturing patterns.

Moreover, the students practiced the insertion of IV line on a multivenous IV Training arm and practiced the insertion of foley catheter and nasogastric tube on a female manikin provided by our faculty’s simulation lab.

This event was supervised by Dr. Mohamad El Samra with the support and approval of our medical faculty headed by the dean Prof.Najlaa Mashaal.