Suturing, IV/IM and Lab reading workshop

28 February 2018


The Lebanese Medical Student International Committee (LeMSIC) & Standing Committee on Medical Education (SCOME) being part of the Faculty of Medicine in Beirut Arab University (BAU) presented Suturing, IV/IM and Lab reading workshop, which was held on Wednesday, the 28th of February at Beirut Campus. The workshop included medical students from all the years. This event tends to enhance the skills and help the students learn the exact way to perform certain procedures they will need later on in their careers. The Workshop consisted of 3 groups each having members from all medical years. Each group practiced Suturing, IV/IM and Lab reading. Dr. Mohammad Rabah, Dr. Rim Taleb and Nurse Anwar Issa gave the sessions. Also, "Medicare" sponsored our event by providing us with medical supplies.