10 April 2017


The Lebanese Medical Student International Committee (LeMSIC) & Standing Committee on Medical Education (SCOME) being part of the Faculty of Medicine in Beirut Arab University (BAU) presented their "Cerebrobattle" event, which was held on Monday, the 10th of April at Beirut Campus.

Cerebrobattle is a competition among medical students from all the years. This event tends to enhance our knowledge, and train Medical Students on clinical pictures by asking USMLE-style questions

The competition consisted of 8 groups each having members from all medical years. There were 3 rounds of medical questions where the participants competed enthusiastically. 

 Dr Mohamad Siblini was the host of "Cerebrobattle ".
Professors, Doctors, and BAU medical students attended the event.

Several reputed companies sponsored our event. As well, as many cooperative students worked on it to be outstanding and we are seeking for more successful events.