An MOU between BAU – Faculty of Human Sciences and Sidon Orphan Welfare Society (OWS)

20 October 2021


On Wednesday, 20th October 2021, the Faculty of Human Sciences at Beirut Arab University and the Sidon Orphan Welfare Society (OWS) signed an MOU towards the enhancement of undergraduate and graduate internships as well as providing work opportunities as OWS for the Faculty graduates.

The agreement was signed by Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi, President of Beirut Arab University, and Dr. Said Mekkawi, President of OWS. It aims to facilitate the rendering of multi-sector services to children in Lebanon, in a safe and timely manner. The agreement also aims to provide students at BAU with the required technical and field skills to ensure their capacity building, expertise and readiness for the job-market.

In the light of the agreement, BAU and OWS are committed to strengthening the humanitarian response to children’s needs, with the ultimate goal of bettering children’s wellbeing and development.