The orientation welcoming at the Faculty of Business Administration Tripoli campus

22 September 2014

The commencement of the fall semester 2014-2015 academic year is an occasion marking a special time in a student’s life.

On the 22nd of September 2014, the first year students of the Faculty of Business Administration, Tripoli Campus participated in the official orientation welcoming.

Dr. Khaled Baghdadi, the BAU Vice-President, Tripoli Branch Affairs, started with a welcoming speech, followed by a presentation of the high-quality education services provided for BAU students. Dr. Hani Chaarani, the Faculty of Business Administration Director (Tripoli Branch), initiated students to enhance and enrich their educational opportunities.

A projected video about BAU’s campus life introduced students to the wide range of extra-curricular activities available on campus. At the end, the faculty registrar, Mr. Osman Sawda, offered a lively presentation on BAU’s academic registration policies. The students were given the opportunity to ask questions throughout the meeting. Many of the faculty instructors were on hand to give advice and tips to help students adjust to academic challenges at BAU.

The orientation was concluded by wishing all students a fruitful and successful academic year.