The Health and Fitness Day At BAU

31 March 2014


As the world was celebrating and commemorating the International Health Day,   Beirut Arab University –Tripoli Branch  participated in this celebration by organizing an event that included a number of medical and nutritional lectures delivered, in addition to a full program of different cultural and sports activities. The event was held on the 31st of March, 2014 and was attended by Minister Samir el Jisr, represented by Mr. Nasser Adra, Dr. Nader Ghazal, the Head of Tripoli Municipality represented by Dr. Ammar Kabbara, Dr. Elie Habib, Head of the Lebanese Order of Physicians, represented by Dr. Nadeem Shakass,  Prof. Dr. Khaled Baghdadi, Vice-President for Tripoli Branch Affairs, the Deans of Faculties, staff-members, in addition to the students and a crowd of interested people.

The event aimed at enhancing cooperation and coordination in the fields of raising awareness and health education, while focusing on nutrition and sports in particular.

Prof. Dr. Khaled Baghdadi gave a welcoming speech in which he established that the event is related to raising health and nutrition awareness among the members of the Lebanese Northern Community. He stressed on the fact that the development of society starts with the specification of the points of strengths and weaknesses, casting light on problems and proposing solutions. Prof. Baghdadi considered that people’s health is the driving force towards development. A society that does not care for its members’ health is an ailing society that depletes the country’s resources and thus has no future.

Dr. Jermine Al Kassas and Ms. Elisar Yassin Haddad presented lectures on medicine and nutrition which highlighted the means towards healthy nutrition and losing excess weight.

The event also included a number of sports performances and health activities, in addition to an exhibition held by the Faculty of Health Sciences.