H E El Jisr Patrons the Graduation Ceremony of the First Class of BAU Graduates at Tripoli Branch

24 June 2014


After four years of the inauguration of the Tripoli Branch, Beirut Arab University celebrates the graduation of the first batch of 129 students who have completed their study at the Faculties  of :Health Sciences, Science and Business Administration.

In addition to the families of the first Graduating Class, the Campus embraced the elites of the North Region including representatives of syndicates, Public Institutions, Businesses and MPs.

The students entered on the red carpet towards the podium, followed by the President’s procession, which included Vice-President for Tripoli Branch Affairs Prof. Khaled Baghdadi, as well as the Deans and Staff-Members active at the Branch.

Facing them sat the guests, including MPs Mr. Khaled Zahrman and Mr. Khaled El Daher, in addition to Dr. Abdel Elah Mikati representing HE Mr. Najib Mikati, Mr. Ellie Salloum representing Minister Joubran Bassil, Dr. Mostafa Holwa representing Minister Mohamed El Safadi, Dr. Saadeddine Fakhoury representing MP Mr. Robert Fadel, President of the Order of Dentistry in Lebanon-Tripoli Ms. Rahil Doueihi,  Eng. Morsi El Masry representing Marios Beaini, Toufic Dabbousy, Treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce, in addition to university presidents and representatives. 

The event was also attended by Mr. Toufic Houri, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of Waqf El Bir wal Ihsan, BAU Vice-President for Medical Affairs, Prof. Dr. Essam Osman, BAU Secretary General, Mr. Issam Houri, and BAU administrators.

The ceremony opened with the Lebanese National Anthem and the BAU Anthem, followed by a recitation of the Holy Quran by Sheikh Ziyad El Haj. The event was presented by Nala Makouk, who welcomed the guests. She stated that the University started as a dream by its founders, and has become an edifice of knowledge serving the people of the North. She further called for everyone’s participation in establishing an environment that stimulates creativity and excellence.

The key speaker of the event, MP Mr. Samir El Jisr delivered his speech, expressing his happiness at having been selected. He expressed his gratitude to BAU for the days when he was a law student till 1969 and remembered his professors who enriched Lebanese legal writings. El Jisr described the University as the fruition of great efforts which earned it the title of the University of the Arabs. 

El Jisr maintained that the University is not merely a center for graduating students in various disciplines, but rather a principle means in development. He pointed out the role played by the Tripoli Branch in creating job-opportunities and preparing highly qualified graduates who may contribute to the development of their surroundings and the country. He also pointed out that the University contributes to the cultural life in the city.

El Jisr stated that knowledge today progresses at the same speed as communications. Any graduate, who does not continuously update him-/herself will soon find him-/herself disqualified for the job-market. He advised the graduates to honor their parents and families, to remain loyal to their University, and to refrain from arrogance.

El Jisr commented on the recent acts of violence witnessed in Tripoli, describing these as incidental in the history of the city. He called upon the young, educated and cultured graduates to regain the civilizational, scientific, cultural and compassionate role played by the city.

In his word, Prof. Dr. Amr Galal El Adawi, President of the University, welcomed Mr. Samir El Jisr, and described him as a pioneer of the University, and a disciple of the University since his graduation from the Faculty of Law in 1969. He is a thinker who invests his knowledge in the service of his society and county. The President added that graduates begin their journey towards wide horizons of work and knowledge, helping the people of their country to achieve great responsibilities and ambitious hopes with firm steps and an enlightened vision.

Prof. El Adawi called upon the graduates to remain loyal to their parents, professors, University and country. He, then, elaborated on the development of the Tripoli Branch, three faculties of which have reached the stage of graduating students. Next year, Engineers will graduate from the Faculty of Architectural Engineering and the Faculty of Engineering. He also pointed out that the University’s strategic priority is achieve excellence in education and research through its programs that are rich in their scientific and human elements. This priority has already culminated in the international accreditation of a number of programs, while the remaining faculties are steadily following in the same path.

Al Adawi also announced the addition of a new center, namely the Center for Continuous Learning, which will be launched with the coming Academic Year. It will contribute to the development of the skills of graduates in various professions. The President stated that excellence has become a necessity for survival and a guarantee for progress, both at the level of states and of individuals. He emphasized the necessity to enrich one’s knowledge and experience as a means to attain excellence and creativity.

The word of the graduates was delivered by Student Maria El Merhabi, who described university students as the young bearers of science and knowledge who stand on the threshold of the future. Looking ahead, they are the generation of science born of knowledge. Addressing the University and the families, El Moraabi pledged to confront the difficult circumstances and pursue the mission of the University, so that it will always remain the beacon of science, knowledge and progress.

After the distribution of certificates and taking the graduation oath, the ceremony concluded with Prof. Dr. Amr Galal El Adawi presenting an honorary shield to Minister El Jisr.