Graduating the Second Class at BAU Tripoli Branch

09 June 2015


Ambassador Khaled Ziedeh: Nations Progress only with Education, not with Wealth or Power


Beirut Arab University graduated its second class at Tripoli Branch, counting 290 graduates, with the Faculties of Architectural Engineering and Engineering contributing graduates this year. The event that was held on the 9th of June 2015, was attended by the University community, the Deans, Staff-members, and the Branch Directors, as well as the Keynote Speaker of the Ceremony, the Lebanese Ambassador in Egypt and the Arab League, Dr. Khaled Ziedeh.

 The event was also attended by Dr. Abdelilah Mikati representing HE Najeeb Mikati; Minister Rasheed Derbas; Mr. Kamal Ziedeh representing Minister Ashraf Reefi; Dr. Sheikh Malik Shaar, Mufti of Tripoli and the North; MPs Kasem Abdel Aziz, Nidal Tohmeh, and Bader Wannous; Dr. Mustafa Helwa representing MP Mohamed Safadi; Dr. Jalal Halwani representing MP Samir Jiser; Dr. Saad EL Din Fakhouri representing MP Robert Fadel; MPs Omar Meskawi and Mahmoud Tobbo; Elli Obeid representing MP Jean Obeid; Judge Tarik Ziedeh; Lawyer Mohamed Morad, and Colonel Tarek Shami.

 The ceremony opened with the entry of the graduates’ procession, followed by the President’s, Deans’ and Directors’ procession. After the Lebanese National Anthem and the BAU Anthem were played, Sheikh Mohamed Hoblos gave a short Quranic recitation.

 A welcoming speech was delivered by Nala Makkouk, the PR Coordinator at Tripoli Branch, addressing the graduates saying, “In the coming days, as you are taken up by the challenges of daily life, you will recall these days that you have spent at University, describing them as the most wonderful days of your lives. It is in your hands to make the days that have not come yet the most wonderful days. You will succeed if you believe that the best time to sow a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.”

Riham Fatfat gave the graduates’ speech, stating that many things seek to express themselves, but remain unable in your presence. “We have planted together, harvested together, breathed in conviction together, and have become the focus of light”, she said.

 Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi, President of BAU, in turn stated that excellence is all embracing, becoming a matter of pride. He further reiterated that attaining the FIBAA accreditation is an achievement by which the University has fulfilled international standards. This requires us today, more than ever before, to maintain this forward-looking approach and the determination to fulfill the objectives of the BAU Strategy.

 The Keynote Speaker of the Ceremony and the Lebanese Ambassador in Egypt, Dr. Khaled Ziedeh, congratulated the graduates, their families and the University, stating that, “You should be proud to graduate from this prestigious University. Its presence on Lebanese lands has made a great difference since the early sixties of the last century. It has also been a manifestation of the close relations between Lebanon and Egypt, becoming a culmination of age-old ties of cooperation towards an Arab cultural renaissance since the mid 19th century.” he also pointed out that nations progress only with education, not with wealth or power. He added that Tripoli counts on its youth, to revive its cultural and artistic life, to care for the environment and heritage, to resolve unemployment and develop poor areas.

 In the end, BAU President presented Ambassador Ziedeh with an honorary shield, and the certificates were distributed to the graduates, followed by the Graduation Oath.