Beirut Arab University – Tripoli Branch – hosted the head of Cyber Crimes and Intellectual Property Bureau in Lebanon, Major Suzan El Hajj for a lecture entitled “Electronic Crimes and their Consequences in the Society”.

The event was attended by Prof. Dr. Khaled Baghdady, BAU Vice-President for Tripoli Branch Affairs, Mr. Mohamed Hammoud, BAU Depute Secretary General for Tripoli Branch Affairs, Dr. Hani Shaarani, Director of the Faculty of Business Administration, Dr. Nabil Mohareb, Director of the Faculty of Architectural Engineering, Dr. Ahmed Lakkani, Director of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Dr. Adel Amara, Director of the Faculty of Health Sciences, in addition to a large crowd of staff-members and students at the Branch.

 The event opened with the Lebanese National Anthem and the BAU Anthem, followed by welcoming notes by Ms. Nala Makkouk, the Public Relations Department Officer in Tripoli, in which she highlighted the role played by modern technology in forming an individual’s consciousness and culture, as well as the overwhelming media and information floods that currently have the greatest impact upon a person’s culture.

Makkouk called upon the youth to be careful and fully conscious to the numerous dangers, in particular to Cyber Crimes that are taking up a large space in our society these days.

 After a minute of silence for the souls of the Lebanese army’s martyrs, the representative of the Security Force’s Friends, Mr. Fadi Derbas, gave a speech in which he identified the society’s history and goals.

 In her word, Major Suzan Al Hajj presented the Cyber Crimes and Intellectual Property Section as a judicial police unit that is concerned with the pursuit of crimes committed electronically, as well as accompanying crimes of extortion and piracy. Major Al Hajj warned the audience not to deal with the world of the internet innocently, without a full understanding of the risks prevalent in this world. She also presented some of the most prominent methods of extortion and piracy. She also stressed on the danger of publishing private matters on the internet, and warned that there have been cases where people were driven to commit suicide because of their unawareness of the crimes and extortion they are exposed to.

 The floor was then opened to students’ questions and queries, and after Major Al Hajj had answered these, the event was closed with a brief word by Prof. Khaled Baghdadi, in which he thanked Major Suzan Al Hajj for her efforts and the prominent role she plays in combating Cyber Crimes. After that, Prof. Baghdadi presented Major Al Hajj the University Medal as a Token of Appreciation.