Upon the success of the “Take a Snapshot” competition organized by BAU Tripoli Branch that was held with the participation of 178 students representing 30 secondary schools, a workshop was organized for the training of the first 20 winners. The aim of the competition had been to construct a true image of the North and of the beauty of its nature. The aim of the workshop was to promote what the competition started while also enhancing the students’ artistic and cultural skills.

 The workshop that was held from the 11th till the 13th of August 2015, was presented by Mr. Saleh Rifai, who teaches photography at a number of Lebanese universities. The training included topics such as how to choose and use a camera, types and functions of lenses, digital cameras, the photographer’s eye, composing an image, the rule of thirds, formation and balance, as well as applying what had been explained through photography projects undertaken at the port, the old markets and on campus.

 At the end of the workshop certificates were distributed to the participants, attended by Prof. Dr. Khaled Hasan Baghdadi, BAU Vice-President for Tripoli Branch Affairs, Mr. Mohamed Hammoud, Deputy Secretary General for Tripoli Branch Affairs, and Mr. Saleh Rifai, the instructor.